Benefits of Aloe Vera Juice

The discovery of the medicinal properties of Aloe Vera dates back to early Egyptians. The importance of Aloe Vera to them can be understood from the fact that they buried it with the pharaohs as a funerary gift.  Due to the innumerous health benefits of Aloe Vera juice, the Aloe Vera plant is also known as the “Plant of Immortality” and has also found recognition in the ancient Chinese, Indian, and Roman civilizations for its healing properties.

The Sanskrit name of Aloe Vera is “Ghrita kumari,” which translates into a young woman. According to the Vedas, the plant has a regenerating effect on the females resulting in reverse ageing, and that is why the name. Commonly used for Sunburns,  studies have established that the Aloe Vera juice works as an elixir for the body. Abundant with Vitamins and Minerals, the plant can help to cure a range of ailments

Benefits of Aloe Vera juice

 Here are some benefits that you can extract from the juice of this magical plant:

1. A boost of nutrition

Aloe Vera is loaded with most of the essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants required for our body. If you are a vegetarian or a vegan,  Aloe Vera is one of the only plant sources of vitamin B-12. Hence, to nourish your body without compromising on your diet, you can consume either 100% pure Rosa Mystica India Aloe Vera juice or can also try its other combinations like Aloe Amla juice and Aloe Litchi juice etc.

2. Immunity booster

Daily consumption of Aloe Vera juice activates specialised cells of the immune system known as a macrophages. These macrophages are not only powerful but also engulf invaders that may enter the bloodstream. Hence, having Aloe Vera juice daily can strengthen its immune system.

3. Natural detoxifier

Loaded with amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, Aloe Vera works as a natural cleanser for the body. It smoothens your digestion and flushes out toxins that may cause acidity. Adding Aloe Vera to your diet is an effective way to support bowel movements. It is not only very effective for heartburn but also contains compounds that reduce the secretion of acid in your gut. In addition to this, some studies show that it fights gastric ulcers as well.

4. Maintains the Alkalinity of the body

It’s extremely important to maintain the pH level of the body as a body with an acidic pH is more prone of becoming a bed of diseases. A few symptoms of acidosis are fatigue, headache, and brittle hair and nails. With powerful alkalizing properties, Aloe Vera helps in reducing the acidic pH level and improves your overall health.

5. Help treat Anaemia

Anaemia is a condition in which the body lacks enough healthy red blood cells, and it leads to reduced oxygen flow to the organs. Consuming Aloe Vera juice stimulates the production of red blood cells and lymphocytes.

6. Keeps the body hydrated

The Aloe Vera plant is about two feet tall with succulent leaves. These thick leaves contain a healing gel that is almost 95 % of water. Due to its abundant water density, the plant helps your body in staying hydrated. Therefore, the intake of Aloe Vera juice is also recommended after heavy work out or a physically exhausting task as it helps in flushing out the lactic acid build-up from exercising. 

7. Aids smooth functioning of Liver  

The liver works as a detox organ and needs good care because it performs several important functions of the body. For example, removing toxins from the blood, maintaining blood sugar level, and distributing nutrients to processing soluble vitamins and proteins. The liver performs all these functions efficiently when it is nourished and hydrated. The Aloe Vera juice makes the functioning of the liver smooth due to its hydrating nature and providing it with phytonutrients.

8. Helps in digestion and fights constipation

Research shows that the consumption of Aloe Vera juice daily helps in fighting digestive disorders like acidity, constipation, and poor digestion. Moreover, the juice also keeps your intestines healthy by increasing the water content and normalizes the bacteria needed for keeping your gut healthy.

9. Controls Blood sugar levels and hormonal problems

The intake of Aloe Vera juice helps in improving blood glucose levels and hence is useful for treating people with diabetes. In addition to this it also helps in controlling blood sugar and reduces lipids in diabetics and hyperlipidemia patients. Besides being an effective remedy for diabetic patients,  AloeVera juice is often used as a herbal tonic for curing hormonal problems. It helps in maintaining the excess level of estrogen and works as a follicle-stimulating hormone. 

10. Antioxidant, Antibacterial, Antiviral and Antiseptic

Aloe Vera contains a large family of substances known as polyphenols. They are excellent in treating damaged skin. One of the most commonly known benefits of the Aloe Vera juice is radiating skin. Moreover, it is enriched with antioxidants and vitamins, it protects your skin and also works against acne. Its regular consumption reduces the frequency of acne and skin diseases like dermatitis. Not only this, but the Aloe Vera juice is also a great reservoir of amino acids that further stimulate hair growth and maintains a healthy scalp. 

11. Promotes hair growth and maintains the radiance of the skin

The presence of proteolytic enzymes in Aloe Vera makes it an excellent solution for damaged skin. These special compounds help in inhibiting the growth of the infection causing bacteria. Additionally, consumption of Aloe Vera juice also helps in reducing the breakouts and effectively cures skin problems.

12. Maintains the digestive health

For a healthy digestive system, it must absorb all the nutrients. Aloe Vera contains such enzymes that help in the breakdown of sugars and fats to keep its function smooth. Not only this, but the juice also helps in treating people with Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and other intestinal disorders. In addition to this, Aloe Vera juice also prevents stomach ulcer, the presence of many anti-inflammatory compounds like vitamin C in Aloe Vera reduce stomach ulcers and improves digestion. 

With its plethora of benefits, Aloe Vera is truly a magical plant. If you want to enrich and nourish your body with the benefits of Aloe Vera without actually having to grow it in your kitchen garden, buy Rosa Mystica Aloe Vera juice.

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